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Phone insurance included in Premium

If your device is eligible to be covered, your insurance will start as soon as your Premium subscription starts.

Your policy covers

  • One mobile phone, up to £2000

  • Accessories up to £300

  • Theft or loss

  • Cracked screens and other damage

  • Phones of any age

  • Up to two claims a year

It doesn't cover

  • A family member or partner's phone

  • Any device that isn't a mobile phone (e.g. tablets or laptops)

  • Replacing your phone with a brand new one (it'll be refurbished)

  • Damage or incidents that happened before you upgraded to Monzo Premium

There is a £75 excess on all claims.

You can find all of the information about your phone insurance policy including terms and conditionsand contact details for Assurant form the membership home.

If you have any more questions about your insurance policy, or you'd like to make a claim you can do so by calling Assurant on +44(0)3301566696 or visiting the online claims portal here

If you'd like further support with your phone insurance please get in touch.

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