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Jack Cully

Six phone screens, each showing a new Monzo feature: Monzo Flex, get paid for businesses, Trends, Pay on card from a Pot and cashback on international transfers
Product Updates
21 October 2021

What's new in Monzo: making money simpler to see and easier to control

Introducing Trends, Monzo Flex, pay on card from a Pot and a new way to get paid for businesses.

International transfers just got smoother. Powered by Wise.
Product Updates
Current Account Guides
6 July 2021

Improved international transfers, powered by Wise

It's typically lower cost and easier to make an international transfer with Monzo than with high street banks.

Product Updates
26 April 2021

We're making it easier for you to manage your account and see your Pot payments

The 'Feed' and 'Manage' tabs are designed to make it easier to manage your account, and see what's going into and coming out of your Pots.

An illustration of a document and a file.
Monzo HQ
1 September 2020

We're adding two new fees, which only affect a minority of customers

For some cash withdrawals in the UK and EEA, and for delivering some replacement cards.

An illustration of a magnifying glass looking over a credit report
Credit scores
24 February 2020

Soon, you’ll be able to see your credit score in Monzo

See your credit score in just a few taps. We'll update you monthly, and tell you what could have affected your score. All inside Monzo. Coming soon!

Image of house keys - secured loan
How Money Works
Loans Help
5 December 2019

What is a secured loan and how do you know if it's right for you?

A secured loan gets secured against one of your assets; typically your home or your car. We've put together some information to help you decide whether it's right for you! 💸

Car Finance options - image of a car
How Money Works
Loans Help
5 December 2019

Hire Purchase, PCP Finance, Or Loan: Which car finance option is best for you?

We've put together a short guide on the different car finance options and deals you might consider when buying a new car. 🚗

Image of an umbrella - how to pay off a credit card
How Money Works
Loans Help
2 December 2019

How do you pay off a credit card?

Paying off a credit card can seem daunting. Here are some top tips on how to pay off your credit card 💳

Product Updates
23 June 2019

The future of Monzo Business Accounts

We’re slowly starting to offer more accounts. And we’re launching a transparent product roadmap so you can keep track of what we’re building!