We asked you on Twitter what you spend on first when you get paid

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We all know that feeling when you finally get the notification to say that you’ve been paid. It can often feel like payday just can’t come soon enough! 

So we’ve launched a new feature called Get Paid Early. It lets you get your hands on your money a day earlier than usual. 

In honour of this, we asked you to tell us the first thing you usually spend on once you get paid? This is what you had to say...

Some of you set aside the money for bills and rent

We salute you.

And some of you put your money into savings straight away


Others spend it on treating yourself

This is crucial.

Whilst a lot of you spend it on getting a few drinks

Pub? After work? 5pm? Anyone?

If you're looking to get paid a day earlier than usual, here's how to add your salary to Monzo to get started. There’s no cost and no hassle, just more time with your money!