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A few weeks ago, we launched the first version of Monzo Plus: a way for you to get more out of your Monzo account for a small monthly fee.

And we’re far from finished. We’ve chosen to release Monzo Plus early, because we don’t believe we can build the ‘perfect’ product – or even a great product – without a lot of customer feedback and iteration along the way. But until then, we wanted to share our long-term vision for Monzo Plus to help get you as excited about it as we are.

Monzo Plus card options

Monzo Plus will remove the hassle from your financial life (and more)

At Monzo, we’re all about making things as simple and helpful as we can. We help you save money without thinking, see where you’re spending your money and pay people with ease, in a way that traditional banks just don’t.

So imagine if your Monzo account went beyond your basic banking needs. What if your Monzo account could do things like help you sort out an insurance policy, get you a great deal on your usual monthly subscriptions and get you money in an emergency abroad? All with no hassle at all.

Our vision is that Monzo Plus will take the hassle out of your financial life (and beyond).

It'll be convenient. Rather than spend hours researching a new provider, we’ll make it so that you can sign up for a new product or service within a few taps – straight through your Monzo app. (We like to think that this is one of the ways our marketplace vision is coming to life, which we first wrote about in 2016.)

It'll be customisable. We don’t think it’s fair to pay for a huge bundle of features, when you only really need one or two of them. So whether you’re a proud homeowner or an avid traveller, you’ll be able to customise Monzo Plus however you like. We’ll offer a wide range of custom features – like contents insurance or emergency travel money – to suit your needs.

It’ll be carefully chosen. You can trust us to choose good quality providers for you. We’ll not only search for competitively priced deals, but also for other things we know you care about, and think you might like, like great customer service, a broad range of cover or being environmentally friendly.

Hot Chip and Plus balloons!

We’ll continue to make Monzo amazing for everyone, but Monzo Plus is a way for us to offer you even more than you’d usually get from your bank account. We’ve already had thousands of you join the waitlist, and lots of feedback on the community forum thread. We’ve really enjoyed discussing your questions, suggestions and thoughts on what’s on offer, and what we could do to make Monzo Plus work for you.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their feedback. Here are some of the things you told us you’d like to get through Monzo Plus:

  • Different types of insurance, such as breakdown cover or gadget and phone insurance

  • Better rates on Monzo products, like overdrafts, Savings Pots or deposit interest

  • Discounted access to subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify

  • Exclusive rewards, offers and cashback on spend or bills

  • Even more custom card types, including metal cards

You’ll be glad to hear that a lot of these things are already on our radar, and some of them are on our roadmap for 2019. We’ve made the Monzo Plus roadmap public – check it out on the shiny new Monzo Plus page here.

There’s also a space for you to suggest new features and ideas (we read every one!). We’re really excited to keep improving Monzo Plus, and can’t wait to hear more of your feedback to help us build something that you’d love. Let us know what you’d like to see as part of Monzo Plus, and what problems it can help you solve.

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