Introducing Monzo Plus

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Earlier this year we published a long list of the things we were going to explore in 2019.

One of those things was the option to buy ‘add-ons’ for your Monzo account. The idea was to offer you extras that you’d like to have as part of your bank account – things that help make your personal finances stress-free.

So that’s what we built. We’ve called it Monzo Plus, and as of today, you can join the waitlist!

Hot Chip and Plus balloons!

A way of customising your account to meet your needs

Many banks offer packaged accounts or premium bundles, but you often end up paying for things that you don’t need or want. You might find three out of the five things in that bundle useful to you, but you still have to pay for the two that you don’t. That's why we're creating Monzo Plus – to give you an extension of your regular account that you customise to meet your needs.

It’s something that's built just for you. Something that lets you pay for the things you actually value. And because it’s a part of your Monzo account, it’ll all be managed in one convenient place. (That’s the Monzo app, in case you’re wondering).

We’re starting off small so we get it right

We’re excited to be helping you get even more from your Monzo account, but this is only the beginning. We’re starting small, and in time it’ll be completely customisable – adding even more features all the time.

Monzo Plus card options

Here’s what you’ll get today, as part of the core bundle:

  • A new Monzo Plus card (in a choice of Hot Coral or one of our new colours, Midnight Sky or Lagoon Blue)

  • A custom link

  • Exclusive access to Monzo Plus events and swag

And to say thanks for getting involved so early on, we’re offering a discounted monthly rate of £3 for these core features. (We’ll change this to £6 a month later this year.) Just like with the core features, we’ll continue to introduce more and more all the time!

And we’ve got a bunch of custom features available too, which you can add on to your core features:

  • Travel insurance (£4 per month)

  • Travel money - increased ATM limit of £400 per month for countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and emergency cash if you lose your card (£3 per month)

Monzo Plus confirmation screen

Our vision for hassle-free finances

It’s super early days for Monzo Plus. We wanted to get something out sooner rather than later so we can start getting feedback on it. But in time, we want it to be a bigger, more customisable extension of your main Monzo account that takes away the stress and hassle of your finances.

Finding and choosing the right deals and tariffs can be confusing and take up a lot of your time. So we’ll scout the market to offer you competitive tariff and plans. And we don’t just mean money-saving deals. We’ll actively work with providers who offer things like market-leading customer service and eco-friendly energy too.

We’ll make it simple to sign up and switch to a new service provider or plan direct from your Monzo app and with just a few taps.

Join the waitlist

We’re making Monzo Plus available to customers gradually so we can learn as we go - join the waitlist to be one of the first in line!

Join the Monzo Plus waitlist

To be one of the first people to get Monzo Plus, tap the button above on your mobile. Or you can open your Monzo app, go to the Account tab and tap on your profile to join the waitlist.