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We work hard to reduce the barriers people face to accessing our product and service. Making money work for everyone can’t be done without making sure Monzo works for people with disabilities and those who’ve struggled with banking in the past.

Our mission

As a digital only bank, we have to work hard to make sure our product is easily accessible for all of our users. The needs of all of our customers, particularly if they’re facing barriers or experiencing difficult circumstances, is a core part of our mission.

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Our approach

As a digital only bank that lives on your smartphone we’ve worked to develop industry leading digital tools to reduce the barriers people face, and make sure Monzo works for people with disabilities and those who’ve struggled with banking in the past.

From embedding our tone of voice in everything from emails to error messages, to making sure customers know they can use sign language when signing up our teams work hard to introduce products, policies and systems to embed accessibility in everything we do.

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Our specialist support

We have specialist teams dedicated to helping you through money worries, the impact of life events on your finances, and day to day money management. We also have information on how we can support you if you have physical or mental health conditions & disabilities that affect your relationship with your money, or with us as your bank.

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Getting help elsewhere

Sometimes your situation might require specialist support that Monzo doesn’t offer. We understand that your situation might require more than just help from us as your bank. We’ve put together a list of external resources you might find useful, based on what our customers talk to us about the most.

Working with experts by experience

It's really important to us at Monzo that we work with our customers to shape our product and our service. In 2019 we launched our Listening Sessions, bringing our teams together with various groups to listen to various experiences, and understand the barriers involved with the aim of reducing them. The events usually result in us making changes to our product or service, like making sure that customers know they can use sign language when signing up. Email us to get involved.

Our focus on mental health support

At Monzo we know that your mental health profoundly impacts how you manage your money. As the long term effects of the pandemic are emerging, we’re expecting to have more conversations with our customers about how their financial situation is impacted by mental health problems. We’ve worked with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute to improve our accessibility for customers with mental health problems, by becoming the first bank to take part in its Mental Health Accessible Lite programme.

Accessible terms & conditions

We want everyone to be able to understand key communications from us. We've put in a lot of work to make sure our Personal account terms and conditions are accessible. They're just over 3,000 words, and hopefully nice and easy to follow. You can also listen to a Monzonaut read them out to you if you prefer. We do this with all our terms and conditions- the same approach applies to Business, Joint Account, Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium.