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Monzo Joint Accounts

Bring your money together. Pool your resources with someone to make life easier to manage.

Sign up is a breeze

You’ll both need a regular Monzo account already. After that, opening your joint account takes just a few minutes. No new ID checks, and no sending off lengthy applications. Just head to the settings on your account tab to get started. You can also switch an existing joint account over to Monzo in just a few taps - learn more here.

Create account screen showing a red mug and a blue mug with the message "Let's get to know each other".

A separate joint account card

You’ll keep your personal Monzo account and card, and we’ll send you both a shiny new joint account card – with a different design so it’s easy to tell them apart.

two joint account debit cards

See who’s paying for what

In your feed, you’ll see who’s made each transaction so it’s easy to track exactly where your money’s going.

Transaction feed screen for a joint account, showing a balance of £241.60.

A few things to bear in mind

You’ll be financially linked to whoever you open the account with

When you open any joint account with someone, you become linked to them financially. That means you can be jointly credit-scored, and their credit history can have an impact on yours.

You’re joint owners of whatever’s in your joint account

Even if one of you contributes a lot more money, legally anything in the account is split 50/50. So make sure you really know and trust anyone you’re planning to open a joint account with.

Monzo does not support overdrafts for joint accounts.

If you switch you will not be able to open an overdraft with Monzo in your joint account.

Help us build the kind of bank you want to use

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