Upgraded Monzo Accounts for Everyone!

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We've now invited all existing users to upgrade and are beginning to work through the waiting list too! Next week, we'll start prioritising upgraded accounts on customer support. And early next year, we'll begin bringing the prepaid programme to an end, but will of course give everyone plenty of notice and ample time to upgrade. Read on for all the details!

Two weeks ago, we promised to invite all existing Monzo customers to upgrade their accounts, and we’re happy to say that all users should now see an invitation to upgrade in their app! If you don’t see it, just make sure you have the latest version of the Monzo app installed.

Upgrading means you’ll be able to use all the features you already have, like Monzo-to-Monzo payments, top up by card and spending breakdowns. You’ll also have an account number and sort code, so you can make bank transfers, set up Direct Debits and standing orders, and get your salary paid in. Plus, you’ll be able to use new Monzo features like Pots and Android Pay!

To upgrade today, just open your app and tap the invitation at the bottom! It’s totally free, only takes a couple of minutes, and you’ll be able to keep using Monzo while you wait for your new hot coral debit card!

Upgrade banner
Just tap this banner at the bottom to start your upgrade

Because people upgrading their accounts increases the load on our wonderful Customer Operations team, we’ll be gradually notifying people via push notification and email that they can upgrade, rather than all at once. But there’s no need to wait for your notification! Anyone who opens their app and taps the banner at the bottom can upgrade immediately.

We are also starting to work through the waiting list, so that people who’ve been patiently waiting will be able to start using Monzo too. Over seventy thousand people are on the waiting list right now and we hope to reduce that number significantly over the coming weeks. Our aim is to get back down to only a week or two’s wait as soon as we can ⌚

You’ll also be able to invite your friends to use Monzo again and we’ll be bringing back golden tickets to help you do that soon!

Customer support

Once you’ve upgraded your Monzo account, you’ll have access to our full 24/7, 365 customer support through in-app chat, email or phone, just like you have now. And we'll still have our unique sense of humour (hopefully)!

As more and more people upgrade their accounts, we’re shifting our focus to ensure upgraded customers have the best Monzo experience and will start to reduce the hours that customer support is available for those who haven’t upgraded yet.

From next week, customer support on the Monzo Mastercard® prepaid debit cards will be available from 9am to 6pm, with limited support for emergencies outside those hours. If you want access to 24/7 support, upgrade your account today! It only takes a couple of minutes 💸

New year, new card

Now that we’ve invited everyone to upgrade their accounts, over the next few weeks we’ll be sending people notifications to let them know they can upgrade. If you don’t want to upgrade immediately, that’s fine, but eventually we will put an end to the prepaid programme and focus all our efforts on the full Monzo account.

Early next year, you will have to upgrade to keep using Monzo. We’ll give everyone at least two months’ notice before this happens, but prepaid cards will eventually stop working.

It only takes a few minutes to upgrade and, if you like, you can keep using your new card in exactly the same way as your old one. Top it up from your existing bank account every week or month, monitor your spending and send money to friends easily. Overdrafts are totally optional, we don’t charge any fees to bounce payments if your account is empty and it doesn’t affect your credit rating. There’s no reason not to upgrade!

We started the Monzo Alpha back in 2015 thinking that a few thousand people would help us test and improve the product, before we were able to launch full bank accounts. Our goal has always been to build the best account in the world and we’re so excited to start focussing all our efforts on doing that 🚀

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