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Applying for Monzo Flex and credit scores

Seeing if you’re eligible has no impact on your credit file

When you apply for the Monzo Flex Credit Card we’ll run a “soft” credit check – this means we can check your eligibility and give you a personalised offer without leaving a mark on your credit file.

If you decide to get Monzo Flex, we’ll let credit reference agencies know by running a “hard” search

This is something that most lenders have to do when you take out a new type of borrowing or credit.

Generally, a hard search will have a small negative impact on your credit file but usually only for a few months.

Once you take out Monzo Flex, we’ll report to credit reference agencies once a month

Monzo Flex will appear as a revolving credit product on your credit file, which is similar to a credit card. We’ll report your credit limit and your balance every month.

In the long run, Monzo Flex can help to build your credit score if you stay within your credit limit and make your payments on time.

Send us a message if you have any other questions about Monzo Flex

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