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From today, you’ll start to see we’ve given Trends another upgrade with a new feature called targets.

Two iPhones, one showing a summary of your spending target, another showing a graph of spending targets.

Helping you manage your money better

When we built Trends we had a clear mission to help our customers manage their money better. Our research identified a few key problems to solve:

  1. It’s difficult to work out what you could spend or save each month

  2. It’s hard to visualise how quickly or slowly you spend money during the month

  3. It’s challenging to track progress and stay motivated to stick to a budget

We’ve built Trends to meet these needs:

  1. With Trends' balance feature you can see what you’ll earn, spend, and save across the month, so you can pace yourself from one payday to the next

  2. The new targets feature lets you set a monthly spending target and see how you’re tracking in real time on a graph. If you have Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium, targets can analyse how you’ve spent in the past and suggest achievable, personalised targets to help you control your spending

  3. With balance, spending, and now targets, Trends is packed with features to help you understand your past spending behaviours, see what you have to spend in the upcoming month, and visualise how your spending is tracking against your target. Everything you need to manage your money better. 

We’ve also made all the graphs and time views for balance, spending, and targets available to all our customers for free, to help everyone get the most out of Trends. Check it out today in your Monzo app.

Budgeting made easy with a single target

To make your budget easy to manage and understand, with targets you set one total spend amount for the month.

You control which accounts and spending categories to include in your target, so even if you schedule payments from a Pot you can include them. You can set a bespoke date to start the month’s spending target so it works for you.

Clearly see how you’re doing

Targets uses a clear, interactive graph to show how you’re doing against your spending goal. This makes it easy to understand if your spending is on track for the month.

A phone screen showing a trends graph

Get more insight into your spending

With Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium you can create customised spending categories and include spending from your other connected bank accounts and credit cards for more personalised and comprehensive tracking.

Personalise your spending target 

With Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium, targets can recommend an achievable, personalised spending target by analysing your past behaviours.

It can also suggest realistic reductions in your spending each month, which could add up to big savings over time. You can then use the extra cash you don’t spend however you like!

Two phone screens. One showing a screen that says "Analysing your spending..." and another that shows a chart, with the title "your average monthly spending is £887"

Monzo Plus is £5 per month with a 3-month minimum term and Monzo Premium is £15 per month with  a 6-month minimum term. You need to be 18 or over to get Monzo Plus and be between 18 and 69 to get Monzo Premium. Terms and conditions apply. 

Get started with targets

  1. Go to Trends in the bottom navigation bar of Monzo

  2. Tap ‘Target’ at the top of Trends

  3. Choose the accounts, spending categories and monthly start date you’d like to track

  4. Set a monthly spending target 

  5. Use the interactive graph to track your spending 

  6. Scroll down to see a breakdown of your spending by category

➡️ Looking into the future

We want to help you get the most out of Trends. Over the next few months, we’ll share how-to guides and other helpful examples on how to slot Trends into your financial life. 

Thank you for all your feedback on Trends so far. We read your messages and they have helped us build something that we believe really helps you manage your money better. We are always looking to improve Monzo so please keep your feedback coming either in the app or on social media!