We’ve had a little makeover!

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eight squares each showcasing a different aspect of our new visual branding: our wordmark, our colour palette, new typefaces, warm photography, vibrant illustration

Our visual branding has a fresh new look. It’s more friendly, more human, more Monzo.

We’ve expanded our colour palette while doubling down on our iconic brand colour, hot coral. We’ve brought in new typography and a fresh approach to our art direction and photography. And we’ve developed illustrations in a distinctive new style.

Optimism is the original spirit of Monzo

Rewind to a time where the world of banking was stuffy and dormant. The category, complacent: queues, card readers, and balances that didn’t update over the weekend.

Enter Monzo and our hot coral cards! We like to think we brought a new sense of positivity and possibility to your pockets, creating a bank that leaves you with more and helps you see money in a new light.

This optimism is the original spirit of Monzo. And it also highlights something even more valuable for the future of our brand: that Monzo feels distinctly human. Bringing warmth, empathy and friendliness to the world of banking.

These are principles we took with us when developing this refreshed look and feel.

A visual brand that’s ready for the future

A lot’s changed since we started Monzo back in 2015. We became a bank, grew the company to 2,400 people, and welcomed 6 million customers (and counting!). We’ve built dozens of new products and features, and showed up in tonnes of new places – like digital ads, emails, on TikTok and even a double-decker bus.

Trying to cover a lot, our visual branding began to show signs of strain: we felt limited by the colours and assets we had to work with. And we were losing a distinctive thread running through it all.

It was time for a refresh.

So we worked with Ragged Edge to shape our visual brand into what you see today.

We started by digging into what makes Monzo, Monzo. We audited our visual brand codes and held a series of creative workshops and interviews with people from around the business. From there, we developed and reviewed a few different directions.

Ultimately, we landed on a hot coral-heavy route centred around the optimism we’d like you to feel when you see us. Which we then fleshed out across all our brand codes.

Our fresh new look

Our new colour palette – a bright hot coral, a blue-toned off white, a dark navy, orange, pink, yellow-green and teal, blue, khaki


We’re the bank with the hot coral card – and it’s what helps keep us distinctive. But it’s more than that.

Hot coral represents our warmth, our empathy and our human quality. So we’ve made it the forefront of our brand, followed closely by deep navy and soft white. And we now have a vibrant range of secondary colours to support our primaries and offer extra bursts of energy when the feeling’s right.

We've refreshed our app icon to reflect the colours from our new colour palette – with brighter blue, yellow and hot coral colours

Our icon

The Monzo M has always been the recognisable front door to our product, our website and our social channels. So we’ve kept it and given it a little make-over, to better reflect our vibrant new colours. Keep an eye out for the refreshed app icon coming to your home screen in the coming weeks.

Showing our new hero typeface, Oldschool Grotesk. And our functional typeface, Monzo Sans.


We chose Oldschool Grotesk for our hero typeface for its warm, analog friendliness and bold curves that hark back to the days of wood-block printing.

Our functional typeface is Monzo Sans, a custom cut of Universal Sans, meaning it’s unique to Monzo. We chose it for maximum readability, with generous dots and curled ends.

Warm photography of someone smiling

Art direction

The banking market is flooded with generic people photography. So we needed a style that was unique to Monzo.

Our new approach uses warmer hues, sunny light flares and dramatic shadows to make things feel a bit more human.

An illustration of different coloured bank cards. Next to it, an abstract illustration showing a hot coral circle, an exclamation mark, a star-shaped figure with googley eyes.


We’ve steered our illustrations away from the popular corporate style that uses flat geometry and generic people.

We worked with illustrator Ola Dobrzyńska to bring personality, movement and energy into a new illustration style that draws you into the vibrant world of Monzo.

Examples of exaggerated UI – elements from the Monzo app showing 'Trends' and some charts; 'Budget' with an amount of money and the option to toggle up or down; an option to 'Split the bill' among different friends.

Exaggerated UI

Exaggerating elements of the app can help us communicate clearly, simply and add impact.

An example of the new creative refresh applied to Monzo app store screens

Applying our brand

When we apply our refreshed visual brand to our marketing assets, there’s a real sense of fun and playfulness you don’t find elsewhere in the banking market.

The new colours give us lots of scope for different combinations. We can still hero hot coral or navy, but inject brighter and bolder colours like teal or pink too.

More examples of the visual branding applied across different brand codes – from app store screens to the website, to webpages and digital ads.

What’s next?

We’ve built a system that stays true to our brand while letting us brighten up our creatives. We’ve doubled-down on key brand assets and added new elements that inject energy and excitement.

Our next task is to apply it to other places: like how we reflect it in our sub-brands like Monzo Premium or Monzo Business, and how we apply it to the app and the experience you have when you use it.