Monzo is the UK’s most recommended brand

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Research company YouGov surveyed customers of 1,500 different companies across the UK, and asked people if they’d recommend the brand to family, friends or colleagues, or tell them to avoid it. They used these responses to give each brand a ‘recommended score.’

Monzo came out on top, with a score of 84.8! 🎉

This means Monzo customers are the strongest advocates of any brand, making Monzo the UK’s most recommended company.

1	Monzo	84.8
2	TransferWise	76.8
3	OnePlus	74.8
4	74.6
5	Bulb	74.4
6	Universal Studios Orlando	71.3
7	Secret Escapes	70.8
8	Shark	69.5
9	Miele	69.2
10	Bose	68.8

“Recommendations are a powerful measure of a brand’s impact with its customers,” writes Amelia Brophy, Head of Data Products for YouGov.

“For two years in a row, fintech companies have led the way – and they’ve done so by promising simplicity and clarity in an industry where consumers have often been confused and frustrated by traditional institutions.”

Our friends at TransferWise came in second, and we've teamed up with them to help you send international payments with Monzo!

A huge thanks to the more than 3 million people on Monzo 💛

Find out for yourself why so many people recommend Monzo! 😃