How to open a business bank account with just your phone

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We know lots of you are looking to open business bank accounts during lockdown. You might be taking advantage of time at home to work through your to-do list. Or even be starting a new business to add to your income if you're on furlough or out of work.

But lockdown might make it difficult to open a business bank account. It's important to stay home as much as we can, and your high street bank might not be open.

The good news is you can open a business bank account with Monzo from your phone, without leaving the house!

Open a Monzo Business account from your phone

Open a full bank account, straight from your phone, with Monzo Business.

No endless paperwork, long trips to the bank, or waiting around for a decision.

You can even use the Current Account Switch Service to switch everything to Monzo if you want. We’ll move all your money and payments (like Direct Debits and standing orders) and close down your old account for you.

3 steps to open your business bank account

If you have a Monzo Current Account already, apply in your app.

If you don’t have a Monzo Current Account yet, sign up for Monzo Business in 3 simple steps:

1. Download the Monzo app on your phone

Sign up for a free current account, hassle-free. Make sure you have some ID nearby, like your passport or UK driving license.

2. Apply for a business account

Open your app and tap your photo. Then scroll down and tap ‘Apply for a Business Account’. Or tap 'Apply now' 👇

We’ll ask some questions about your business to see if you’re eligible.

3. You’re all set!

If we approve your business account, you can start using it right away.

You can switch to Monzo from your old bank, hassle-free. With the Current Account Switch Service, we’ll move all your money and payments (like Direct Debits and standing orders) and close down your old account for you.

Reasons to get a Monzo Business account

We've designed an account that makes banking effortless for small businesses. One that makes banking and admin easy, so you can focus on running your business!

Monzo Business Lite (free)

The best of Monzo but for your business, with no monthly fee. A full UK current account including mobile and web access, instant notifications, Pots to separate your money, free instant UK bank transfers, award-winning customer support and more.

Monzo Business Pro (£5 a month)

Your business' finances taken care of, for £5 a month. A full UK current account including everything in Business Lite, plus Tax Pots, integrated accounting, multi-user access for limited companies, invoicing and more.

Check if you're eligible before you apply

Or we'll let you know when you sign up. At the moment you can apply for an account if you’re:

  • a sole trader or a registered limited company by shares (LTD),

  • based in the UK and

  • a tax resident in the UK only (if you're a limited company by shares).

Our eligibility criteria has more details about businesses and industries we can and can’t support at the moment.