You can now send a payment reminder to someone you split a bill with

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A notification saying "👋  Got a second to pay the £5.20 you owe Katy?"

As of today, you can send a notification to someone you’ve split a bill with to remind them that they owe you money. 

For some of you, this’ll be the very thing you needed to gently nudge those friends who mysteriously miss your bill split requests. And for those friends, well – hopefully it’s helpful for them too.

We wrote the reminder in a way that we hope won’t cause stress

No one likes being chased for money. You might be aware you need to pay and haven’t got round to doing it yet. Or you might genuinely have missed the initial bill split request. But it’s also possible that you don’t have the money to pay that person right now, and we wanted to be mindful of that.

We wanted to write a template notification that wouldn’t alarm the receiver or make them feel anxious. So this is what we’ve gone with.

👋 Got a second to pay the [amount] you owe [person you owe]?

It’s soft in tone, it doesn’t put too much pressure on the reader and it opens in a friendly way. Instead of the first words being ‘Payment reminder!’ or ‘You still owe [name]’.

Whatever we wrote also needed to be short. Because after all, anything much longer than this and you might not read it. We’re all human, and we’ve all got a million and one things fighting for our attention at any given time. 

We’ve limited it to one payment reminder a day

Any more than that and we were worried it’d be annoying for the person who owes the money. Our aim here is to give you a useful feature, not an irritating one.

You’ll be able to send a new reminder from 0:01am each day.

We only send a reminder to the people who haven’t paid yet

If you’ve split a bill with a group of people, it’s only those who haven’t paid that’ll get a reminder. If someone’s settled up with you, they won’t get a notification.

Give it a try and let us know what you think

As ever, we love to get your feedback. If you spot anything weird happening, or just want to tell us how you’re getting on with it, then we’d like to hear from you.

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