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You can now see Amex in Monzo, with Monzo Plus

You can now see your Amex balance and the last 90 days' worth of transactions in Monzo, taking you one step closer to full financial visibility and even better budgeting.

We'll refresh your balance and transactions twice daily – and if you'd like to refresh them yourself, you can at any time.

We built Monzo Plus to help you get a better grip on your finances. And when Plus launched in July earlier this year, we let you connect 13 bank accounts* and credit cards to Monzo to help you get a clearer view of your finances.

But we got feedback from many of you that it was important to see your Amex balance in Monzo – so we put it at the top of our to-do list.

Amex card in the Monzo app

*Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Barclaycard, Nationwide, NatWest, RBS, Ulster Bank, Lloyds, HSBC, First Direct, Halifax, Santander, Capital One - and now, Amex!

We encrypt the information we get from Amex to keep it safe, and you'll be asked to renew access every 90 days. You can disconnect your account at any time.

Connecting with Amex took extra work because the tech behind American Express works differently to other banks. And we chose to build a direct connection to Amex rather than using a third-party service (which would have been quicker), because we knew it'd offer our customers a better experience.

Video of Amex card in Monzo app.

How to see your Amex in Monzo

If you've got Monzo Plus

To see Amex or another bank account in Monzo, tap ‘Plus’ at the bottom of your Home screen and you’ll find ‘Other accounts, in Monzo’. Then follow the steps to add your account. Once you've added an account, you'll see your transactions instantly.

If you're a supplementary cardholder, meaning your card is connected to someone else's account, you'll see the full balance for the whole account, not just your card. We realise this might not be ideal for some people, but unfortunately, it's something only American Express can change.

If you don't have Monzo Plus

You need to have Monzo Plus to see Amex in the Monzo app. It's £5 a month with a 3-month minimum term. You'll need to be over 18 and open a Monzo account first.

Sign up to Monzo Plus on your phone here. Or, open the app and tap your profile picture (in the top left corner of the app) and then tap 'Upgrade account'.

Monzo Plus – for £5 a month, you'll get:

  • Other accounts, in Monzo – including Amex

  • Virtual cards, keeping you extra safe when shopping online

  • 1.00% interest AER/Gross (variable) on up to £2,000 in your balance and regular Pots (not including Savings Pots)

  • Custom spending categories, to group your spending you way

  • Advanced roundups, making your spare change go further

  • Offers from brands you'll love, like Patch, Hello Fresh and more