Unexpected message or call from Monzo? Here's how to tell if it's real.

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We've got reports from Monzo customers who've been called or received a text message from someone claiming to work for Monzo. This type of scam can be really effective as fraudsters can easily "spoof" phone numbers. This means calls or text messages look like they're coming from Monzo, when it's not actually us getting in touch. Fraudsters can also use scare tactics to make you believe your money isn't safe.

We want to make sure all our customers know what we'll do if we ever need to contact you. And, most importantly, the information we'll never ask you to provide.

If we need to call you we'll always:

  • Let you know in advance that we'd like to call you. We'll send you a message to let you know we plan to ring you, and we'll never call you out of the blue.

  • Go through security questions with you before discussing your account, so we know we're talking to the account holder.

And if we need to email you it'll be from a @monzomail.com, @monzoemail.com, @monzo.intercom-mail.com or @monzo.com address.

Outside the app, we’ll never ask for:

  • Your PIN (this is the four digit number you use to make card payments or withdraw money from an ATM)

  • The full 16 digit number on your card or three numbers on the back of the card

  • Any other passwords like your email address password or other sensitive information

On a call, we'll never:

  • Tell you that your money is in danger

  • Ask you to move money to a "safe account"

  • Give you account details or pressure you to move your money into a different account

  • Tell you to take out a loan or overdraft

In a text message, we'll never:

  • Claim we’ve detected suspicious activity on your account

  • Send you a link to a website and ask you to provide sensitive information (like a password or your PIN)

What to do if someone calls or texts you claiming to be from Monzo:

  • If you weren't expecting a call from Monzo, hang up the phone. It's better to be safe than sorry!

  • Check your emails and in-app chat to see if we've messaged you about calling.

  • Don't call the number back. The fraudster makes that number look like it's Monzo, but it won't be.

You can be certain you're calling Monzo by calling the number on the back of your debit card yourself.

If you were expecting a call with Monzo but the person starts asking for sensitive information (your PIN, email address password) or says your money is in danger and needs to be moved, hang up the phone.

  • Never enter sensitive information (PIN, email address, password, PAN, or CVC) into websites claiming to be Monzo.

  • Never send your money to a "safe account".

If you're ever unsure, you can get in touch with us either by calling the number on the back of your debit card or by messaging through in-app help chat.

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