Try this one trick to stop yourself spending your savings

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Always dipping into your savings? Nudge yourself out of the habit by using your guilt to your own advantage.

As part of a study in India, workers were given their salaries in two different envelopes, rather than one. Researchers found that splitting people's pay into two envelopes meant they were more likely to save the money in second one. And putting photos of the workers' children on the second envelope meant they were even less likely to spend it!

Simply put, splitting your income into parts can stop you spending everything. And using visual reminders of your savings goals plays on your guilt and deters you from dipping into them.

So, if you're slowly depleting your savings, try setting up a Pot and putting an image of your goal on it. Just head to the Account tab in your app to get started! And if you need any inspo 👇

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