Business Instant Access Savings are here 🎉

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Business Instant Access Savings are here 


You often put money into savings for unexpected costs. But when something unexpected happens, you might need that money straight away. Especially when you’re a business owner with bills, cash flow and employees to think about.

That’s why we’ve launched an Instant Access Savings Pot. It’s designed to give you the flexibility to grow your savings without having to wait around for your money when you need it. 

How it works

You’ll earn 1.60% AER interest (variable) a year, paid monthly into your Pot

Monzo’s Instant Access Savings earns you 1.60% AER interest(variable), paid monthly into the Pot you create. 

We’ve created the Savings Pot to easily link with the business current account, meaning you can manage all of your business money in one place, the Monzo app. We hold your money and pay you interest, monthly. 

Access your money whenever you like

There’s no waiting around, your money’s always available when you need it.  With the Instant Access Savings Pot, you can take money out at any time and withdrawals usually go into your Monzo account instantly.

Just remember, you won't be able to make payments or schedule withdrawals from this new Pot.

You don’t need a minimum deposit 

There’s no minimum deposit, and the maximum you can have in an Instant Access Savings Pot is £100,000 each. 

You can only have one Instant Access Savings Pot per account

An Instant Access Savings Pot is great for saving towards your business goals like buying new equipment, treating your staff or reinvesting in your business. Regular Pots (which don’t attract interest) are better suited to setting small amounts of money aside for budgeting or paying bills. And Tax Pots, only available to Business Pro customers, automate the percentage of income you would like to put aside for your quarterly and annual taxes.

If you have more than one business, you can have one Instant Access Savings Pot per business. 

Your money’s protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

If you're a sole trader or a small business your eligible deposits may be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000. 💰 To learn more about the businesses and deposits that are eligible, see our FSCS information sheet.

How to get started 

Here’s how to open an Instant Access Savings Pot (you'll need to be on the latest version of the app first): 

  1. Head to the Account tab or Overview in your Monzo app and tap Create Pot 

  2. Select Instant Access Savings 

  3. Name your Pot and pick an image 

  4. We’ll explain how everything works, and ask you to agree to some ts&cs

  5. Make your first deposit or come back to this step later 

And that’s it! Your Instant Access Savings Pot is open and ready to start earning you interest on your money.

Instant Access Savings Pots work seamlessly with some of our existing features too. You can choose to schedule deposits and lock your Pot until a chosen date. 

For more help on how to get started and FAQs, visit our Help Centre

We’d love to hear what you think! share your feedback on the community forum.

What’s next?

This is another step towards our vision of helping you get more out of your money when it’s with us. But it’s only the beginning… 

We’re planning to create new ways for you to get the most out of Monzo Business, we are working on new and exciting features for you to try. More on this in the coming months 👀

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This information is correct on 13/04/2023. See the latest rates in the Monzo app.

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