Say thanks with emoji!

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Monzo-to-Monzo payments make it easy for you to pay other people. In just a couple of taps you can send money to your contacts, without all the hassle of switching sort codes and account numbers.

Now, we’re excited to say that you can use emoji to react to payments you receive 😍

Screen showing where you can react to a payment

Whether you want to say thanks to the person who paid you, or just let them know you got the money, you can now react to Monzo-to-Monzo payments with any emoji you like!

  1. Find the payment in your feed, then tap to “say thanks”

  2. Pick the perfect emoji, then tap to react!

  3. You’ll send the person who paid you a notification, and they’ll see your reaction next to their payment

Next time someone pays you, give it a try and tell us what you think!

Screen showing how to pick an emoji to use to react to a payment

There are so many situations where you use money with partners, friends or family. But doing the simplest of things is so often a hassle. We believe that using money together should be as easy as exchanging a couple of messages, and shouldn’t require copying and pasting, switching between apps, or any other unnecessary admin.

We’ll be doing more work to make it easier to use Monzo with friends in the coming months 👯 If you have any ideas for how we can help, have your say in the community.