Multi-user access

Business banking is better together. Add up to 2 other people in the app. Available to limited companies on Monzo Business Pro.

Add team members

If you're a limited company, add up to 2 other people from the app and start managing your finances together. No lengthy paperwork or visits to the branch.

Each member can also create virtual debit cards to keep real card details hidden.

Manage finances together

Each person you add will have full access and get their own business debit card. They can pay people, see incoming and outgoing payments, and edit account information - just like you.

Keep track of access

See which team members have account access in the app. And easily add or remove people, whenever you need.

Business banking is better together

Right now, everyone you add to the account will have full, equal access. But we're working on more levels of permission, like read-only access and payment approvals.

Because invites are managed in the app, everyone you invite needs a personal account with us first. Multi-user access is only available to limited companies at the moment, but we hope to include sole traders in future.

"The team has access. We know who's paid what and when. Monzo's allowed us to have transparency."

The Malt Films team uses multi-user access to:

  • Manage their finances together
  • Improve visibility across the business
  • Split up their workload, especially if someone's away

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