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Your business isn’t only defined by
your turnover or your headcount

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You don’t belong in a bucket

We won’t lump you in a big bucket labelled small or medium-sized alongside businesses you’ve got nothing in common with. We’ll offer you a set of features that solve the problems you’ve actually got and help you achieve your goals.

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Mind your own business

What you need from a bank account depends on where you are, and where you’re heading.

Maybe you’re small but growing fast. Maybe you’re small but happy to hold steady. Maybe you want sophisticated data analysis. Maybe the thought of tax returns brings you out in a cold sweat.

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Small start, big ambitions

In the future we’d love to do this for every company in the world. We want to be the centre of your company’s financial life, making managing your money a breeze.

For now, we’re starting with a small trial to find out what you’d find useful. We’ll roll accounts out slowly this year, and keep you up to date with our progress once you’re on the list.

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We’ll be in touch as soon as we’re ready to open your business account. In the meantime, keep an eye on what we’re up to on the Monzo community forum.

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In the meantime, keep an eye on what we’re up to on the Monzo community forum.

Community forum

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