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Two mobile screens. One shows a help menu, and the other shows a live chat.

24/7 customer support

Our award-winning team is here to help whenever you need. Available on Monzo Business Lite and Monzo Business Pro.

We're here to help, 24/7

We know that your work doesn't always end at 5pm, so we don't either. Chat to us in the app whenever you need to, 24/7.

Friendly, human support

Our team of specialists are here to help you get back to business. Chat to us in-app any time, or call or email us ( if you prefer.

Help when you need it

No need to make an appointment or wonder when you'll hear back. We'll answer your questions and help solve any problems you have.

"I really enjoy the chat function when talking to customer service. As a florist, you often have your hands full. It allows me to get back to my day job."

Elspeth uses 24/7 customer support to:

  • Solve problems on the go, right from her phone

  • Get back to what matters most - running her business

  • Chat to someone whenever she needs to

"It's so incredible to know there's someone who can answer within a timely manner. It's amazing."

Walid uses 24/7 customer support to:

  • Get the answers he needs

  • Find out how to fix things if they go wrong

  • Chat to someone whenever he needs to

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