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Introducing Strong Customer Authentication: What you need to know

To reduce fraud and make online payments safer, we’ll be making some changes to the Monzo app. Over the coming weeks, we’ll start asking you to: 

  • Enter your PIN when you log into Monzo on a new device

  • Prove your identity regularly in the app by entering your PIN, using Face ID or Touch ID on an iPhone, or your fingerprint on Android

  • Regularly confirm that you want to keep using other apps with Monzo

SCA icons

If you don’t want to use Face ID, Touch ID or your fingerprint, you can always choose to enter your PIN instead. 

You don’t need to do anything – we’ll let you know about these changes via your Monzo app over the coming weeks.

We’re doing this because of new requirements for banks called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which come into force on the 14th September. They aim to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

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What next

We’re rolling this out gradually over the coming weeks, so you may start to notice these changes in your Monzo app soon.

If you haven’t already, you can turn on Face ID or Touch ID on an iPhone, or fingerprint on Android right now in your Monzo app. 

  • On iPhone: Go to Profile > Settings > Face ID/Touch ID for authentication 

  • On Android: Go to Profile > Settings > Use fingerprint for authentication

In our next blog post we’ll explain the changes you might see when making payments with your Monzo card, in stores and online, because of SCA.