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Year in Monzo 2023

This is the story of how you spent your year, as told by your bank.

The nation’s Year in Monzo

This year was more than just a year – it was an era. These are some of the iconic moments that made 2023.

Barbenheimer brought a box office boom

Cinema spending jumped +261% on July 22. People took to their local cinemas en masse in fedoras and pink cowboy hats to see Barbie, or Oppenheimer, or both.

Leicester was the nightlife capital of the UK

Leicester locals loved going out-out, and spent the most on late-night entertainment. But there’s some competition when it comes to claiming the title.

Liverpudlians were partial to a late-night snack, and spent more on food between 11PM and 4AM than anywhere else.

Taylor and Beyoncé dominated the world stage

We saw two diva-worthy spikes in spending on concerts when Beyoncé and Taylor Swift tour tickets went on sale.

Greggs was a firm favourite in all but one place

Londoners once again stood alone in preferring Pret to Greggs, which came out on top literally everywhere else.

Colin and Cuthbert divided the nation

Recent years have seen the nation more polarised than ever when it comes to the important issues – cake. There’s a clear North/South divide between Colin and Cuthbert enthusiasts (or M&S and Aldi shoppers).

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