Organise your life with Pots

Arrange your money however you'd like. Saving for a house? Put it in a Pot. Want to make sure you pay your bills? Put it in a Pot.

Use Pots for anything you'd like – from holidays to groceries or anything in between. Stay in control by keeping money for important things separate from the rest of your balance.

Create a Pot in seconds and try it for yourself.

Personalise, lock, hide

Name your Pots whatever you'd like. Add images to help you visualise what it's for.

If you're saving, set yourself a goal to stay on track. You can even hide or lock them in case you're tempted to put your hand in the cookie jar.

An arrow pointing up, next to coins with arrows

Round up your spare change

Save little and often by rounding up your payments to the nearest pound. With roundups turned on, we'll automatically put your spare change in a Pot.

A pipe pouring out a pile of coins with sparkles

Pay your bills

Set Direct Debits and standing orders to be paid directly from a Pot.

When you're paid, set aside enough to cover those bills into your Pot. Then, we take care of the rest and make sure your bills are paid.

Meaning one less thing to worry about.

"I’m finally off the overdraft hamster wheel and thanks to pots there’s never an unpaid bill!"

"I love Monzo. The interface is so easy to use and I have pots set up for everything from haircuts to coffee money."

"I’ve managed to save a lot and budget thanks to the pots feature"