Get paid, the easy way

We’ve taken every part of getting paid and put it in your Monzo Business account.

Turn hours of admin into a few taps, all while giving your customers simple new ways to pay.

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How it works

A screenshot of the Monzo app with a screen with the heading "Invoice created" and text that says "Choose how you'll share it with your customer. Grand Graphic Designs, £500, due in 30 days, INV-001, Design Services. View your payment link:", and a button to download the PDF.

A laptop showing a web page with the heading "Pay Grand Graphic Designs £500.00". There are options to pay by Card or easy bank transfer. The page contains an invoice summary with a link to download the invoice. Underneath is the business address, VAT and company number, address and email address. There is a list of products and services: Designing £300, supplying artwork £120. Subtotal (including discount) £420. Total VAT £80. Total due £500.

A screenshot of the Monzo app on iPhone with the heading "Get paid online". First button: "Send invoice - create a PDF invoice, with a breakdown of costs, VAT details and payment link". Second button: "Share a payment link - share a link directly, or add it to your invoices or website". There is a list of paid payment requests with the heading "Paid in last 30 days" and a total of £1900. There is a list of overdue payment requests with the heading "3 overdue" and a total of £1,165. There is also a picture of a mobile notification with the Monzo logo that says "Business account - James Bradshaw paid you £500. We've marked your link as paid."

No tedious transfers for them, no piles of paperwork for you. Win win.

Request payments, hassle-free

Create a payment link or invoice in a few taps – so you can finally leave Excel spreadsheets and DIY invoices in the past (where they belong).

So you know, invoices give you a bit of extra detail, like a VAT breakdown. You’ll need Business Pro to use them (£5 a month).

Offer simple ways to pay

Easy bank transfers

Easy bank transfers mean your customers can approve your payment securely from their bank’s app or website.

So they’ll never have to type out (and triple check) a manual bank transfer again.

Easy bank transfers are free till 2024.


We’ve teamed up with trusted card processor Stripe so your customers can pay by card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

And you can apply for a Stripe account through Monzo, with your details prefilled!

Stripe's fees apply from 1.5% + 20p. You’d pay the same if you went directly to Stripe, please refer to their pricing details.

"I used to spend three to four hours every week on accounting. Now I send customers a link and it's done."

Xuan Hou, co-founder of Target Tuition use Monzo Business bank account to get paid the easy way.Xuan Hou, co-founder of Target Tuition use Monzo Business bank account to get paid the easy way.

Wave goodbye to admin

We’ve automated the little things that take time – like confirming a payment came through or checking invoice due dates. Enjoy peace of mind with instant notifications, requests automatically being marked as paid and plenty more.

The best part? It’s all in one place – your Monzo Business account.

Ready to get started?

If you've got a Monzo Business account, tap Get Paid in your Monzo app or on the web to get started.

"It's easy to use, track payments and keep things organised."

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