Switch to Monzo Business

The Current Account Switch Service means moving everything from your old bank over to Monzo Business is a breeze.

What’s the Current Account Switch Service?

The Current Account Switch Service is a not-for-profit organisation that lets people move quickly and easily between bank accounts. We’ve teamed up with them so it’s painless for you to switch your business account to Monzo.

You're covered

The Current Account Switch Guarantee covers full switches, so if anything goes wrong you won’t be left out of pocket. And we’ll make sure any payments to your old account always make it to the right place, even after your old account is long gone.

Open a Monzo Business Account

To use the Current Account Switch Service, you first need to open a Monzo Business Account. Get started today, and switch hassle-free.

Switch to Monzo hassle-free

No trips to the bank. No messing with ID and statements. You just need to open a Monzo Business Account and tell us when you want to move, and we'll do the rest in 7 working days.

Move your whole account

Once you start a switch from the app we’ll move all your money and payments (like Direct Debits and standing orders), and close down your old account for you.

Want to switch?

Once you have a Monzo Business Account, you can switch right from your app. Before you start, make sure that all the details on your old account are up-to-date and match those on your Monzo Business Account.

Start switch

Or follow these steps:

  1. Head to your Account in the app
  2. On iOS, tap on your name. On Android, tap the Settings icon
  3. Tap “Switch to Monzo” and we’ll guide you through your switch

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