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The Future of Monzo

Join us for our biggest community event ever, highlighting the most impactful work we're doing right now as continue to grow Monzo and focus on our mission to make money work for everyone.

What to expect from the Future of Monzo

It's time to shine a spotlight on the most exciting opportunities and significant challenges ahead, and share some context on how they define our focus, influence our culture and shape our ambitions for the 'bank of the future', today.

Enjoy an afternoon of talks, panels and Q+A from makers and thinkers across the company, working hard to ensure we stay true to our values and in control of our future. Expect updates and announcements you won't have heard anywhere else.

Time - Talk TitleDescription
12:00 - Intro--
12:05 - Keynotewith CEO and co-founder Tom Blomfield
12:20 - 3.0 and beyondEarlier this year we came to the realisation that we'd outgrown our current app, and decided it was time to shake things up. Monzo 3.0 launched last month, paving the way for a whole new set of features and functionality to compliment the world class experience we're trying to build. 3.0 was a unique cross team project involving efforts from marketing, brand, design and engineering. Join us for a retrospective on the apps recent makeover and hear from those directly involved on how these changes align with our vision for the future.
12:45 - Financial crime:everybody's businessFinancial crime is the world's biggest industry. It impacts every area of our business, but also many areas of your life. For those who "work" in the industry it generates huge wealth, but for everyone else it can steal their retirement plans, rob people of their businesses and destroy lives.To address the problems that financial crime causes, it needs to be a conversation topic at the highest levels of Government. But to start with, we need to address the knowledge gap. How big is the problem? How does it impact you? And what can you do to help? Our Head of Financial crime sheds some light on these questions and explains why this is so important for us all to be more aware of.
13:15 - Break--
13:50 - Designing money across the worldWhen you're designing a bank, life tends to be a lot easier when money moves nicely, communication is constant, and payments are instant. With all the ways Monzo has changed and grown in the last four years, it's easy to forget that the cornerstone of the our experience is still instant, accurate access to your money.But how does this change when we move further afield? How will we have to adapt our product in countries where cash is still king? We'll take a peek into the future where Monzo is a worldwide presence and the fascinating challenges things we'll be combatting in the apps along the way.
14:20 - What open banking means for MonzoNew Open Banking rules give you the right to share your banking data with third parties, and even allow them to make payments on your behalf. The new rules have inspired emerging fintech companies to come up with new ideas for making money management easier and more secure.We think the rules are going to help Monzo to create a powerful financial control centre, too. Imagine being able to browse the best products and services that the market has to offer, while enjoying the convenience of managing all of your money from a single place. This reality is closer than you might think.Monzo's Open Banking squad share what Open Banking is all about, explain a bit about Monzo's approach to Open Banking, and discuss how they think it's going to fit in with Monzo's product vision in 2020 and beyond.
14:45 - Show and tellUpdates from the teams working on loans, business banking and US expansion.
15:15 - Break--
16:00 - Helping everyone belongWhat does it take to support a truly inclusive workplace culture? Our new Head of Diversity and Inclusion offers some insights on the successes and limitations of the tech industry’s efforts today and how we can support this positive change in this area. Hear more about the learnings and perspectives which will shape their approach to making Monzo an incredible place to work for everyone.
16:30 - Q+ATom Blomfield and Passion Capital's Eileen Burbidge answer your questions.
16:55 - Outro--
17:00 - End--