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Editing Monzo Flex instalment plans

You can edit your instalment plans at any time so all the control is in your hands. Here’s how:

Tap the Home icon in the menu bar

  • Move to Flex
  • Tap Manage
  • Tap Edit instalment plans

Just choose the transaction you want to edit the instalments for and change the number of instalments.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you’re paying 0% interest and you switch to 6 or 12 instalments, we’ll charge interest at 19% APR representative (variable). You also won’t be able to switch back to 0% interest as this benefit is linked to the instalment plan you originally chose. There's more on this in our help article about interest rates on Flex

  • If you choose 3 or 6 instalments, you can switch to 12 instalments any time to reduce your monthly payment to the minimum amount.

  • If you only pay the minimum each month, it’ll take you longer, and cost more, to pay off your Flex balance.

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