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Version 1.4

Partner Cashback Terms & Conditions 💳

3rd November 2023

To be eligible for cashback you’ll need to be a UK resident with an open Monzo personal current account.

How it works

You’ll earn cashback on your eligible spend at a participating merchant or in a particular category. You’ll find the details of each offer, including the value and any other conditions, in the app. You must activate an offer before you spend to earn cashback. By activating an offer you agree to those terms.

You'll earn cashback once your transaction goes through. This can happen instantly, but some merchants may take longer to collect your payment. Once you've earned cashback we'll pay the amount into your Cashback Pot within 35 days. From time to time, and at Monzo's discretion, we may pay you cashback before your transaction goes through.

Any caps on the cashback you can earn either at a program or offer level will be detailed in the app.

Where a transaction is reversed, refunded or cancelled you won’t earn cashback. If we’ve already paid you the cashback, we’ll take back the amount from your Cashback Pot or personal account or arranged overdraft. There’s more about this in the ‘If we need to take back cashback’ section.

If you think you’re missing cashback, you’ll need to tell us within 60 days from the date of the eligible transaction. You must report missing cashback in the app by going from the Home tab to cashback or on the offer details or transaction details. We’ll look into it and, if we decide you should’ve earned cashback, we’ll pay the money into your Cashback Pot.

Eligible spending

Cashback will apply when you spend with merchants in the UK using any Monzo card linked to your Monzo personal account, joint account and Flex. This is for as long as your current account is open. This includes both physical and virtual cards, if you’re a Plus or Premium customer, as well as payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We’ll pay cashback earned on your joint account spending to your own Cashback Pot. If the other joint account holder also opts in to cashback, we’ll pay cashback earned on their joint account spending into their own Cashback Pot.

Spending on business accounts isn't eligible for cashback, but if we add these in the future we’ll let you know through our usual channels.

How we use your data

We work with partners and merchants to offer you cashback.

We ‘de-identify’ your information, so our partners won’t learn your name and full address or any personally identifiable data. To tailor offers to you, we’ll share with our partners:

  • around a year’s worth of your Monzo spending history (physical or virtual cards) and your ongoing spending activity

  • your age bracket and first half of your postcode

We’ll use your ongoing spending and transaction history to give you customer support. We’ll also analyse and measure your cashback transactions and how you interact with each offer.

If a merchant needs to confirm your purchase qualifies for cashback, we'll share the last 4 digits of your card number and Monzo's bank identification number (which is the same for all).

You can choose to receive marketing about cashback offers. If you choose not to, or opt out later, you won’t get emails or push notifications about cashback rewards and offers, but you’ll still see relevant offers in the app.

For more information, see ‘The information we hold about you and how we use it’ in our Data Privacy Notice.

Opting out

You can opt out of cashback at any time in the app. This will apply to all of your Monzo accounts and linked cards.

If you opt out, we’ll move your remaining balance from your Cashback Pot into your personal account. You’ll lose any pending cashback which we haven’t yet paid to you.

Once you opt out, we’ll stop sharing data with partners. They may keep data to check that the cashback you earned matches the payments you made with merchants.

If we need to take back cashback

We can take back cashback we’ve paid you in error and for transactions where you:

  • got a refund or disputed it later

  • acted fraudulently

  • misused or gamed the offer

If we need to do this, we’ll take back the amount from either your Cashback Pot or personal current account or arranged overdraft. If there isn't enough money, we’ll take the amount from your personal current account – even if that takes you into an unarranged overdraft. We’ll notify you if this happens.

The small print (in normal size)

Our Monzo current account terms and conditions also apply. If these terms and conditions don’t match our current account terms and conditions on the same issue, then these terms and conditions will apply.

We can change these terms or withdraw cashback at any time. We may need to do this if:

  • we use up the money we’ve allocated to cashback

  • we change partners

  • any of our partners make changes or no longer support cashback

If we update these terms we’ll let you know through our usual channels.

If we reasonably suspect any fraud or misuse by you relating to cashback, or if you breach these terms, we can disqualify you from cashback and any future offers.

English law applies to these terms and any dispute arising out of them.