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Applying for a Monzo Business account if you’ve got a personal or joint Monzo account

I already have a personal or joint account with Monzo. How do I sign up for a Monzo Business account?

Before you start

There are a few types of business that we can’t offer Monzo accounts to at the moment. So have a read of our eligibility criteria to make sure you qualify – it should only take a few minutes.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to have a few documents ready for your application. Those are:

  • proof of your business address (like a utility bill, signed lease agreement or official letter from UK HMRC)

  • your registered company number or name (if you’re a limited company)

  • your unique tax reference number

If you’re a limited company

You’ll need to make sure your Companies House information is up to date. Doing this will make it easier for us to check your business’ details.

We’ll also need to check any people who have significant control in your business, as shown in your Companies House information. You’ll need their ID to hand to show it to us. Or they’ll have to have a personal account with us – we can use that to check they are who they say they are. Find out more about why we have to do that. You might also want to read the government guidance on people with significant control.

Just so you know, we won’t automatically add the people with significant control to your account if you open it.

Ready to apply?

To do that in your app:

  1. tap the Home icon in the menu bar

  2. tap the + plus icon in the top right

  3. tap Apply for business account

You’ll need to use the same email address and phone number as your personal account.

What happens next?

We’ll check the details you’ve given us and make a decision on whether we can offer you a business account. Usually, that only takes a few days. But if there are people with significant control other than you in the business who don’t have a personal account with us, it might take a bit longer.

We might contact you if we’ve got questions or need more information – so keep an eye on your app notifications and your emails.

As soon as you’re approved, we’ll let you know. And you can start using your new Monzo business account right away.

Switching an existing business account to Monzo?

It’s really quick and easy – find out how.

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