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Adding, removing and managing team members

How to add, remove and change your team members in the Monzo app

To do this you’ll need to be an account admin and have a Monzo Pro account.

Then follow these steps:

  1. tap the Home icon in the menu bar

  2. scroll down and tap on Team members

  3. you can then see all team members, add new ones (from your contact or using their emails) and remove them (collaborators only)

If you want to add someone who already has a Monzo account, you’ll need to make sure both of you are findable in the app’s settings. Head to ‘Profile privacy’ and toggle on ‘Phone number’.

If they don’t have a Monzo account, you can invite them by email.

New features are coming

We’re adding new features to Monzo all the time. In future you’ll be able to:

  • remove all team members (including other admins)

  • check and edit your members’ access levels

  • manage members’ cards

  • check and edit your business account’s ‘mandate

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