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Everything you need to know about two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a security measure designed to keep an account or device secure. You’ll often find it used as a second step in a login process, so instead of just typing in a PIN or password, you also have to complete a second security step.

This could be typing in a code sent to you via text message or generated by an app on your phone. It could involve a security key on a USB stick. You may even need to use your biometrics – unique body measurement or detail data – for example, using a fingerprint scanner for phones.

We recommend that you have 2FA turned on for your phone and email accounts to make it harder for hackers to access your information. A recent data breach report discovered 80% of breaches could have been avoided by using 2FA.

2FA isn’t a replacement for strong PINs or passwords, it should be used as well as these. Remember, don’t use the same PIN or password twice.

To add another layer of security, you can turn multi-factor authentication on where it is available. This adds an additional step to the 2FA process, that could include answering a question that only you know the answer to.

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