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How we keep your account safe

There are certain techniques we use to keep your account and your money safe. In this post we’ll explain a few of the key ones.

Magic links give you a secure way of accessing your account With magic links, only you can log in to Monzo. That’s because we email you a unique login link every time you log in and we don’t ask you for a password. No one can guess or steal your password, because you don’t have one. Never let anyone use your email address, as that’s your key to Monzo.

PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition give us confidence it’s you Any time you try to move money in your app or order a new card, we’ll ask you for your PIN. Or, if you have ‘biometric security’ turned on, we’ll ask you to use Touch ID, Face ID or your fingerprint. For extra security, set up biometric security to protect opening your app with your fingerprint or face.

Unlocking the Monzo app with your fingerprint. Any fingerprint/face registered on your device will be able to be used to log in to the app and authorise payments.

Extra security when you pay online For most online payments, we’ll send you a notification to confirm a payment in your Monzo app. No need to enter long, clunky passwords online.

Things you need to do to keep your account safe

Keeping your money safe is our top priority – but there are lots of things you can do to stay safe too.

  • Only download the Monzo app from the App Store on iPhone or Google Play on Android.

  • Only let people you trust use your phone, and don’t tell them your phone’s passcode.

  • Delete all content and settings from old phones you’re selling so you don’t leave your Monzo account open to whoever buys it.

  • Turn on automatic app and software updates on your phone, and delete old apps you don’t use.

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