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Splitting bills with Monzo

How do I split a bill?

  1. Tap on the relevant payment then Split this bill

  2. Pick who to split the bill with from Nearby Friends or Monzo contacts. If your friends aren't on Monzo tap Next then Add someone not on Monzo.

  3. Choose to split the bill equally or edit the amounts.

  4. Tap Request Money. Your friends on Monzo will get a notification to accept the request. If they aren't on Monzo, you can tap Share a request link and choose how you want to send it.

How do I find my existing bill splits?

  1. Go to the payments tab

    1. Scroll down to Bill Splits and Requests - if you can’t see that then tap on shared on the top right

How do I cancel a bill split? You can only withdraw a bill splitting request if the person you're splitting the bill with is a Monzo customer too.

To cancel it, just tap on the Edit option next to the request and you're all done.

You cannot cancel a bill splitting request with non-Monzo customers.

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