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Sending money Monzo to Monzo

Ways to instantly send money from your Monzo account to another Monzo account.

If they're nearby, you pay people through Bluetooth using Nearby Friends.

  1. Make sure you both have Bluetooth switched on

  2. Tap Payments

  3. Tap Pay someone

  4. Both tap Pay someone nearby, then tap your friend's name when it pops up

  5. Send the money 💸

If they're not nearby, you can send a Monzo to Monzo payment in seconds.

  1. Tap Payments

  2. Tap Pay someone

  3. Tap Pay with Friends to give the Monzo app access to your contacts

  4. Search for your friend's name

  5. Send the money 💸

Send a regular bank transfer from your Payments screen or share a QR code.

  1. Toggle on QR code or payment link in your Settings

  2. Tap the Payments icon in the menu bar

  3. Request money and choose By QR Code or link

  4. Enter the amount or leave that up to them

  5. Use their phone's camera or a QR code scanner to make the payment

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