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Meet the people behind the businesses

From florists and software engineers to photographers and podcast producers, plus everything in between.

"It's incredible to know there's someone to talk to if I have a problem."

Walid Al-Saqqaf

Founder, Insureblocks

Podcast production | London, UK


"I used to spend a lot of time doing accounts. Now, it's instant."

Olivia Estebanez

Director, Oui Digi

Photographic rental agency | London, UK


"Having my phone ping when a client pays me is an absolute joy."

Kyle Welsby

Director, MeKyle LTD

Software engineering | Manchester, UK


"I've had 4 different business banks before, but none like this. I really love it."

Ralph uses Monzo Business to:

  • Separate his money easily with Pots

  • Manage his finances at home and on the go, with mobile and web access

  • Get friendly customer support whenever he needs it

"I can spend more time doing the things I enjoy, which is why I started my business in the first place."

Matt Navarra

Social media consultant

Digital marketing | Wales, UK

"Monzo has made business banking so easy I can concentrate on building my brand."

Hellen Stirling-Baker

Founder, Small Stuff

Retail | London, UK

"It was the easiest account that I've ever set up in my life. It makes everything so much simpler."

Sally and Chris use Monzo Business to:

  • Save time by integrating their accounting tools

  • Keep track of their finances with multi-user access

  • Choose how much to set aside in a Tax Pot, every time they’re paid

"It's freed me up to grow my business and not worry about the money side."

Anna Shearer

Founder, Digital Oblix

Marketing | London, UK


"As a florist, I often have my hands full. The in-app chat lets me do my job."

Elspeth Tull

Founder, Blume

Floral design | London, UK


"Digital receipts mean things don't fall through the cracks any more."

Paddy O'Sullivan

Managing Director, Malt Films

Video production | London, UK


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