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A device showing a business account in the Monzo app and connection options for Xero QuickBooks and FreeAgent

Integrated accounting

Sync with Xero, FreeAgent or QuickBooks, or export your transactions. Available on Monzo Business Pro.

Integrate with Xero, FreeAgent or QuickBooks

Automatically share your balance and transactions every day. No need to switch between tools, or manually upload statements.

Export your statements

Easily export a file of your transactions (CSV, PDF or QIF) from the app or web, whenever you need to.

New users can try Xero for 6 months free

We've teamed up with Xero to give Monzo Business Pro businesses an exclusive offer, worth up to £280. It’s for new Xero users only, and subject to offer terms. Learn more.

Save time with integrated accounting

Keep on top of your accounts with everything in one place, and see where you’re at with a glance. If you have a Xero or FreeAgent account, connect them straight from Monzo. With QuickBooks, connect to Monzo from your QuickBooks account.

"I use Monzo Business and Xero. Anything I spend or receive on Monzo is shown in Xero and I can easily go through all my expenses. It saves a lot of time."

Olivia uses her accounting integration to:

  • Automatically sync her data between Monzo and Xero

  • Manage her expenses and reconcile her books

  • Save time that she used to spend manually uploading statements

Your questions, answered

A choice of tools

At the moment we integrate with Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks, and you can export your data too. We'd love to add more integrations in future.

Sync daily

We’ll automatically sync your transactions data to Xero and FreeAgent daily, every few hours. In Quickbooks, sync your transactions whenever you like.

Your data is secure

Choosing whether to integrate your accounting is totally up to you. We'll never share your data with anyone else unless you agree to it, or ask us to.

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