Meet Denise - Technical Operations Specialist

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Say hello to Denise! She's a Technical Operations (TechOps) Specialist based in our Las Vegas office 🇺🇸

Denise Wong

Denise loves travelling (36 countries and counting!), board game nights with friends, and singing badly while playing her guitar.

We asked Denise some questions about what it’s like to work in such a key team at Monzo. As part of the TechOps team, she helps make sure everyone at Monzo has the right kit and software tools they need to do the best work they can.

The Technical Operations team is hiring for a position based in our Cardiff office! Apply for the Technical Operations Specialist role here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

What did you do before Monzo?

I worked in management information systems (MIS) after graduating from university with a completely unrelated degree in geology. Dealing with the politics of government-funded programs took its toll so I left to explore the world living out of a backpack, while doing odd jobs such as working in hostels and freelance writing.

Several years on the road led to a tough decision to begin proper adulthood, with a job at StubHub essentially as a database manager in the field operations department.

What does your typical day look like?

I work in our Las Vegas office while the rest of my team is based in our London and Cardiff offices. With the time difference, my days start early with handover meetings and one-to-one catch-ups with my teammates before the end of their workdays end.

Despite not being a morning person, I look forward to starting early as my mornings become valuable team bonding time. We discuss not only work-related issues but also have more relaxed chat and banter between all of us, which promotes a remote-friendly environment.

The rest of my day is split up between helping Monzonauts (what we call our staff) with everyday technology issues and more intensive projects on how to improve and automate our existing processes.

Since we can’t predict when technology decides to become troublesome, it’s not uncommon for my day to be unstructured and ambiguous. My calendar is vital to plan and block out time for upcoming deadlines or anything else that may be time-sensitive, as well as keeping a checklist handy so things are less likely to slip through the cracks.

What do you love about being a TechOps Specialist?

TechOps is the very definition of multi-tasking. Considering how precise technology can be, the ambiguity of being a part of TechOps keeps our entire team on our toes: no two days are ever the same, and I love that it is ever-changing.

Exposure and opportunities to own different types of projects is challenging in itself, but throwing in the need to resolve everyday technology problems as they come up forces us to constantly shift focus yet not forget about our existing projects.

What do you love about working at Monzo?

I love how Monzo is so transparent and accessible for everyone. Knowing my ideas and opinions can be heard and acknowledged, or even acted upon, instead of going through several hurdles or escalation paths to get an audience is wonderful and refreshing.

It is an amazing feeling that Monzo has created a culture that encourages such openness and inclusivity. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and make their own mark, no matter at what stage they joined the company.

I also love that my fellow Monzonauts, especially my team, have fully embraced me as being part of the company and part of the team from day one. This has led to a strong sense of belonging, which is important in creating a workforce that cares about the company and its products.

I love the fact that everyone connects with each other so seamlessly, despite coming from vastly different backgrounds and cultures, and that the company as a whole actively makes conscious efforts to make sure Monzonauts always feel included. 

What are the qualities you think make a good TechOps Specialist?

  • People connection: It's always stressful whenever things don’t work as intended, so troubleshooting technology issues is not something most people enjoy. Being able to positively connect and be empathetic helps immensely. No one is ever just a number or a problem when they approach TechOps.

  • Multitasking: Our days in TechOps can be wildly unpredictable and fast-paced so constantly shifting focus and keeping tabs on multiple things at once is essential. One incident can take one teammate a few minutes to resolve while another incident can take hours and require all hands on deck.

  • Willingness to learn: TechOps are continuously trying to find ways to improve our existing processes, so things don’t often remain as is for too long. The constant change and adoption of new ideas encourages everyone to grow their existing skillsets and to stay one step ahead.

What’s one thing you’d like to learn, develop or work on in 2020?

I’d like to develop my project management skills on a larger scale. I have some experience in smaller-scale projects, but a potential office move (spoiler alert!) in the works for the upcoming year would be a great learning opportunity.

The Technical Operations team is hiring for a position based in our Cardiff office! Apply for the Technical Operations Specialist role here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿