We can now automatically update your card details with online shops

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Replacing your Monzo card usually means having to update it across all the services you use online – like Amazon, Netflix or Apple. But we’ve just introduced a new, free service from Mastercard that automatically updates your card details once it’s been replaced!

It’s called the “Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater”, and we’ve just turned it on for everyone. So, next time you replace your card, we’ll tell Mastercard in the background. Then, they’ll tell all merchants that support this service (most of the big merchants already do) that your card has been replaced, and give them the new details within two days. Easy.

A pop up screen in the Monzo app. It says "Save time by letting us update your existing card details across most websites and services you're currently using it for. We'll securely send your new card details to do this. Not all places support this yet, you might find some don't update".

There’s nothing you need to do to turn this on, but you can opt out if you’d like – when you replace your card, we’ll ask you. And if your card’s replaced because it was lost, stolen or frauded, we’ll turn this off automatically.

There’s no need to worry about your data being shared either – we only give Mastercard and the merchant the information they need to recognise your old card number and replace it with the new one – nothing else is shared and anything that is, is encrypted.

The service works across most big online merchants already – but it might not work for everyone. You’ll know if it hasn’t worked, because when a merchant tries to charge your old card, we’ll automatically decline it and send you a notification. For those, you’ll need to update manually, like before.