Strong Customer Authentication: Using Chip and PIN more often when making contactless payments

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New rules for all banks from the 14th September mean you’ll need to use Chip & PIN more often when paying for something using your card. We’ll send you a notification in the Monzo App asking you to retry the payment, as sometimes the card machine will just decline without a reason. These new rules aim to reduce fraud and make paying with your card safer. 

What to look out for in when you spend in shops

When you spend around £100 in shops (across multiple payments, not just in one go) without having used Chip & PIN , we’ll do an extra security check by declining the next contactless payment and asking you to use Chip & PIN instead.  

If your payment is declined, check the Monzo app 

This is a big change for retailers, so the shop won’t necessarily know why your card is being declined. But when the reason is an SCA security check, we’ll always send you a notification from Monzo asking you to retry the payment with Chip & PIN.  

SCA decline

Some contactless payments won’t ever decline 

You can keep paying for things normally using Apple Pay on an iPhone and Google Pay on an Android device without these extra checks.

Similarly, payments won’t decline for most transport systems (like TfL) where the machine you use is unattended.

We’re doing this because of new requirements for banks called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which come into force on 14th September. 

In our last blog we covered how SCA would mean some changes to how you use the Monzo App. You can read more here.