How to get a bank statement from Monzo

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A bank statement is a summary of the transactions on your account over a certain period of time.

You might need one if you’re filing your taxes or submitting expenses. Banks also ask you for statements when you’re applying for a mortgage or a loan. Or if you’re renting a home, your agent or landlord might want to see one.

Screenshot of bank statements

Get your Monzo bank statements

You can download your bank statements straight from the Monzo app:

  1. Head to the Account button under your Monzo card

  2. Then tap 'Statement History'

  3. Export the month you need

You can also get a full export of all your transactions in the Summary:

  1. Tap the pie chart at the top right of your account

  2. Then tap 'Export & Bank Statements' at the bottom of the Summary screen

You can export your statement as a PDF file. If you need a statement printed, signed or stamped for something like a visa application, chat to us in the app and we’ll be able to help!

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