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How many virtual cards can I have?

There’s a limit to the number of virtual cards you can have

You can have up to 5 active virtual cards at any one time, and create up to 100 new virtual cards every 12 months starting from the date you created your first virtual card on.

With Extra, Perks and Max, you can also create virtual cards on your joint account. Your virtual cards limit is currently spread over your accounts. This means if you set up 9 new virtual cards on your joint account in one month, you won’t be able to set up any more on your personal or joint account for the rest of the month.

You can only create 9 new virtual cards a month until you reach your 100 a year limit

For example, if you made your first virtual card on 30 March, you'd be able to create a maximum of 100 virtual cards between then and 30 March the following year. And if you created 9 a month each month, you'd only be able to create 1 in the 12th month.

This is a rolling limit, which means the reset would only apply to the card created on that date and does not reset all 100 cards at once.

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