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Phone insurance: arranging collection and repair

Collect and repair for accidental damage

If your phone's eligible for collect and repair, get in touch with Assurant and they'll ask their tech pros, Pocket Geek, to arrange a pickup time with you.

A courier will take your phone to a local Pocket Geek store for the Pocket Geek team to assess it. If they’re able to fix it, they’ll get in touch to arrange a delivery date and time.

This service is for accidental damage only. If your claim is approved, you’ll then need to pay a £50 collection fee on top of the £75 excess.

Free DPD drop off at 3,000 locations

If collect and repair isn’t for you, drop your phone off at one of 3,000 DPD points across the UK.

DPD drop-off is free but you’ll still need to pay the £75 excess for a successful claim.

Other options

If none of these options work for you, you can send your device in by post or visit a Pocket Geek store for accidental damage claims.

You’ll still need to pay the £75 excess for a successful claim.

For all of these options, you’ll need to contact Assurant directly.

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