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Connecting your Monzo account to FreeAgent

Connecting your Monzo to FreeAgent

If you’re a Monzo Business Pro customer, here’s how to connect your business account to FreeAgent:

  1. On your home screen for your business account, scroll down and tap Connect accounting tool

  2. Tap FreeAgent and follow the steps

Once connected, transactions will sync daily, every few hours after your first transaction is authorised.

So you know, when you first connect to FreeAgent you'll be able to sync transactions from up to 12 months ago, if we see that you have some in your Monzo Business account. You can go as far back as the start of your Monzo Business transaction history, 12 months ago, or your FreeAgent Start Date. We’ll pre-populate it with the date that’s furthest back, but you can select any date within that range or choose not to sync.

If you’ve manually uploaded historical transactions to FreeAgent, we recommend that you don’t re-sync these when you connect because this might create duplicates in FreeAgent.

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