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Incorrect balance in FreeAgent / Xero

There are 2 reasons why this might be happening:

1. Transactions haven't synced yet

Syncs with FreeAgent or Xero happen every few hours a day. But they don’t sync in real time.

We'll share 'authorised' transactions with FreeAgent or Xero 5 times a day.

To see when your last sync happened, head to your Home tab and scroll down to your integration.

2. Pot transactions are excluded

Pots are part of your account, so they won't show separately in FreeAgent/Xero. This includes any money you move in and out of Pots.

Your accounting software should show the total balance of your account, including any money in Pots. So, if you have £1,000 in your main account and £500 in a Pot, your total balance you see in FreeAgent/Xero will be £1,500.

If you still think your balance isn't right, please get in touch.

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