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How we support people with ADHD

If you have ADHD, you can feel restless, you may have trouble concentrating and can act on impulse - which can all make managing your money difficult.

We worked with YouGov to commission a survey of people living with ADHD across the UK. The majority (60%) of people told us it directly impacts their financial lives because of issues with money management, costing them on average an estimated £1,600 per year.

Monzo features that can help people with ADHD

Notifications Enable notifications to get balance updates, including how much you have left to spend this month. You will also get notifications about upcoming payments so you budget ahead of time.

Pots Use Pots to set money aside automatically using Salary Sorter. This gives you better oversight of where your money is and what it’s for.

Turn off borrowing offers You can turn off borrowing offers so you don’t get notifications about borrowing you might be eligible for.

How we’re supporting you

Turn off borrowing entirely If you struggle with impulsive spending, you can opt out of borrowing entirely. Talk to one of our specialists using Tell Us More.

Reduced limits We can set you custom daily limits for ATM withdrawals, bank transfers and card transactions.

Add a note We can add a note to your account with the ways your ADHD impacts how you manage money. You won't need to repeat yourself whenever you talk to us.

Other places that can support you

ADHD UK is a charity about ADHD run by people with ADHD. They have guidance on getting a diagnosis, reasonable adjustments at work, and online support groups.

ADHD Foundation is a neurodiversity charity that describes itself as a health and education service. They have videos and podcasts on managing ADHD, as well as access a private online therapy service.

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