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How to authorise different payments

Usually, you’ll be asked for your PIN to make a payment (unless you’re using contactless to pay for something under £30). We’ll receive your instruction immediately. If you don’t want to make a payment, don’t authorise the payment with your PIN or Touch ID.

In some instances, when you don’t have your PIN you can authorise payments using the details on your card. If you don’t want to authorise the payment, you shouldn’t enter the details on your card.

Standing orders and Direct Debits

Setting up a standing order
You can set up a standing order in the app.

Head to the ‘Payments’ tab, you should see a bar that has ‘Scheduled payments’.

Tap on ‘Add Scheduled Payment’ and enter the details of who you want to pay. When you enter the amount you want to pay, remember to swipe ‘Schedule Payment’ to choose the payment date and whether it’s a recurring payment. We receive your instruction for all the payments at this point.

Setting up a Direct Debit
To set up a Direct Debit you’ll need to contact the organisation you want to pay, and give them your account number and sort code.

We get the payment order on the working day before we take the money from your account. You’ll see it in your feed as a scheduled payment. We’ll try to collect the money at 02:00 the day after getting the order.

Cancelling standing orders and Direct Debits
You can cancel a standing order or Direct Debit in the app too.

Head to the ‘Payments’ tab, you should see a bar that has ‘Scheduled payments’.
Tap on the instruction you’d like to cancel and you'll then see the 'Cancel standing order / Direct Debit' option.

Please remember you need to cancel before the payment happens, so we recommend cancelling at least one day before the next payment is due to make sure you’re not charged. For a Direct Debit, please also tell the organisation.

How to make international payments
You can make international money transfers from within your Monzo app!
In the ‘Payments’ tab, tap ‘Send via bank transfer’.

Tap ‘International Transfer’ and you can use TransferWise to send money abroad.
The first time you use this feature you’ll need to give us permission to use your TransferWise account. If you don’t have a TransferWise account, we’ll create one for you when you send the money.

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