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Sending money Monzo-to-Monzo

You can send money instantly to people who have Monzo through your app a couple of ways.

Head to the Payments screen, where you'll find a few different options to pay people.

If they're nearby, try Nearby friends

Nearby Friends lets you pay people through Bluetooth.

  1. Go to the Payments screen, and make sure you've both got Bluetooth switched on.
  2. Both tap Nearby Friends, then tap your friend when their name pops up.
  3. Pay away, that's it!

If they're not around

You can send a Monzo-to-Monzo payment in seconds.

  1. Go to the Payments screen.
  2. If it's the first time, we'll ask you to activate 'Pay with Friends' by giving the Monzo app access to your contacts. You can double check this is switched on in Settings.
  3. Search for your friends' name.
  4. Send money! 💸

Failing that you can also send a bank transfer from your payments screen.

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