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You can keep your metal/holo card if you upgrade to a new plan

You can keep your metal or holo card if you want to

Moving to Extra, Perks or Max doesn't have to mean giving up your metal or holographic card.

When you switch to a plan we give you the option to keep your metal or holographic card until it expires.

If you want more information on the new cards available, keep reading!

We have two new cards available with Monzo Perks and Max

Monzo Perks: A bold coral card. We’ve pushed all the dials up on the mixer to create a bigger, bolder look. The card itself is made of rPVC (or recycled plastic)

Monzo Max: A burnt coral card. It's the original Hot Coral but with a darker, smokier look on the front and our original colour on the reverse.The card itself is made of PVC (or plastic)

On both cards, the details will be on the back for a clean, minimal front.

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